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Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund

British-American Money Market Fund - Daily Yield 9.21%; Effective Annual Yield 9.61% | British-American Bond Plus Fund - Daily Yield 6.88%; Effective Annual Yield 7.10% | British-American Equity Fund - BUY KSH 160.75; SELL KSH 166.35 | British-American Balanced Fund -BUY KSH 171.68; SELL KSH 177.23 |

A money market fund invests mainly in fixed income securities with short investment duration and high credit quality. These fund  aims to obtain a high level of current income than most bank deposits while protecting investor’s capital. It invests in money market securities with a maturity of less than 12 months allowing for a higher than average rate of return as well as immediate liquidity. The income that the fund earns is accrued daily and distributed to the unit holders net of fund costs.

The Britam money market fund is your ideal investment option for cash you intend to use to meet your short term goals.

These may include:

  • School Fees
  • Deposit - Car/Mortgage /Land
  • Chama/Investment Funds
  • Family and Staff welfare funds - for weddings and burials etc.
  • Wedding planning
  • Construction/Project funds
  • Holiday Planning, etc.

You can download the application form here:  Individual Application Form or Company Application Form

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