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Research Reports

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Financing East Africa’s Infrastructure Needs 1.27859210968 MB
The Case for Kenya's Sovereign Wealth Fund - A Report By Britam Asset Managers
2019 Britam Asset Managers Media Briefing - The Case for Kenya's Sovereign Wealth Fund 2.383213043213 MB
Uganda Unit Trust Corporate Application Form 1.700675010681 MB
Uganda Unit Trust Individual Application Form 535.99609375 KB
Fiscal Consolidation 2.280082702637 MB
Banking Amendment Act Update 245.98828125 KB
Impact Of Interest Rate Caps in The Kenyan Banking Sector 1.831593513489 MB
Kenya Macroeconomic Outlook 2017 2.269548416138 MB
FY 2016 Real Estate Report 970.134765625 KB
Kenya Equities Market Review 294.755859375 KB
H1 2017 REAL ESTATE REPORT 915.2509765625 KB
Effects of the Proposed Treasury Single Account 235.1376953125 KB
Demystifying Private Sector Credit Slowdown 1.212515830994 MB