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Msingi Poa - Nguzo ya elimu bora

Msingi Poa - Nguzo ya elimu bora

The Msingi Poa Education Plan is a Britam product that provides an annual income for payment of education expenses while offering insurance protection.

Benefits include:

  • Four (4) guaranteed cash payouts in the last four years of the policy term, each equal to 100% of the sum assured.
  • A lump sum cash payout on death equal to 100% of the sum assured.
  • In the event of death of the policy owner, premium payment stops.
  • The guaranteed cash payouts will be paid out in the last four years of the policy term.
  • Premiums are not payable in the last three (3) years of the policy term.
  • The policy is available in two options – with and without medicals examination
  • The policy term is between 8 years and 22 years.
  • The policy is eligible for personal income tax relief.  

This policy offers flexibility with the option to take it with or without the added medical benefit, as well as added benefits as illustrated below to the premiums.

Policy Term Monthly Premium (Kshs) Total Premium Payable (Kshs) Total Cash Benefits Payable (Kshs) Return to Policy holder (Kshs)
8 31,430 1,885,800 2,000,000 114,200
10 21,320 1,790,880 2,000,000 209,120
15 11,210 1,614,240 2,000,000 385,760
20 6,855 1,398,420 2,000,000 601,580

 For more information on this product click here to download 'The Msingi Poa Education Plan' brochure or kindly contact us or visit any one of our branches.