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Platinum Draw Down

Platinum Draw Down

Platinum Drawdown Plan is an investment product that allows you to re-invest your retirement savings. The plan enables you to access your retirement savings as an income and invests the balance. The plan runs for a minimum of 10 years during which you receive income from the fund. The fund is invested in a guaranteed fund where it is protected against reduction. 

What are the  Key Benefits?

  • Allows reinvesting and growing your retirement fund

The funds are invested in a guaranteed fund where they continue to grow as you access an income.

  • Ability to choose your income

Every year you can choose to access any amount up to a maximum of 15% of lump sum deposited as long as your fund will run for a minimum of 10 years.

  • Allows flexibility on frequency of income

You can choose not to access any income until a later date or you can vary the frequency of accessing the benefits every year to suit your income needs.

  • Enables you to purchase an annuity at a later date

After expiry of 10 years you can choose to purchase an annuity which will provide you with an income for life.

  • Allows you to leave an inheritance to your beneficiaries.

You can choose to leave part or your entire fund to your loved ones. 

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