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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Britam Health is our corporate medical cover and it offers inpatient cover and a fund- managed outpatient cover.  It provides a comprehensive and flexible cover for employees as well as their dependents. Registered companies, NGOs, as well as registered groups/SACCO's with more than 5 members are eligible.

Insured inpatient covers hospitalization and related expenses while one is admitted in hospital. Fund Managed Outpatient covers daycare procedures due to illnesses and/or accidental injuries occurring within the policy period. Britam health is flexible and offers the following features and benefits for the respective covers;

Inpatient Cover

  • Consultation fees and evacuation costs directly leading to hospitalization.
  • In-hospital accommodation costs.
  • ICU/HDU charges, physiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Theatre charge costs of surgical appliances and toiletries.
  • Doctors’ fees (physicians, surgeons, anesthetists) Medical Investigations and pathology such as x-rays, scans, assorted laboratory tests, etc.
  • Inpatient ophthalmological (eye), ear and dental treatment and management arising out of sickness or injuries.
  • Prescribed medications, dressings and costs of surgical appliances and toiletries.
  • Inpatient cover can be offered on its own.

Fund Managed Outpatient Cover

  • The outpatient scheme operates under a managed fund, an arrangement between Britam Insurance and the client. The Client will decide on the scope of cover of the fund and Britam will be available for guidance and advice on benefits, service providers, exclusions and limits.
  • The scheme covers all routine outpatient services such as consultations, investigations, prescribes drugs, physiotherapy, immunization, dental and optical services.

 Â·        Each family is covered up to the set outpatient limit per year.

  • Members access panel hospitals and clinics for treatment on credit using membership cards. Britam pays medical bills directly to the medical service providers from the fund and prepares monthly statements to the client to show usage and respective balances.
  • Reimbursement is in place where credit facilities are unavailable.
  • At the end of the insurance period, the unutilized funds may be carried forward to the next period or refunded to the client.

Other benefits

  • Refunds on unutilized fund amounts paid.
  • Competitive premiums for in-patient cover saving to insureds.
  • Tailor made medical cover according client budgets.
  • Cover available within East Africa.
  • Overseas medical expense cover.
  • Free health talks on stress management, H.I.V, nutrition and others.
  • Flexible payment plans for outpatient cover.
  • Wide spread service provider network within Rwanda. 

For more information on this medical cover, kindly get in touch with us or visit any one of our branches