15 January 2024

Unlocking Convenient Healthcare Through Britam's Pharmacy First Service

January 15th, 2024... At Britam, we understand the importance of accessible and timely healthcare. That's why we recently introduced the Britam Pharmacy First Service as a new out-patient benefit. This isa revolutionary scheme designed to provide our valued clients with professional health care advice, treatments, and medicines for minor ailments*. The best part? No need for an appointment!

Here is what you need to know about it….

1. What are Minor Ailments?

A minor ailment is a medical condition that can reasonably be diagnosed and managed with over-the-counter medication. This does not include emergency and chronic conditions.

 2. Partnerships with Trusted Pharmacies

Britam General Insurance has forged strategic partnerships with four reputable pharmacies in Kenya, ensuring that our clients can conveniently access medical services without the hassle of a hospital visit. Our esteemed partners include Haltons, GoodLife, Malibu, and MYDAWA Online Pharmacy.

3. Simple Process, Significant Benefits

Wondering how it works? It's simple! Britam clients can visit any accredited pharmacy location, where they will undergo standard verification procedures. This service is also available online through our partnership with MYDAWA. To access the service, clients are simply required to SMS ‘Britam First + Medical Card Number’ to 70077. Once verified, they can consult with experienced pharmacists or clinicians about their ailment. If the condition is suitable for treatment at the pharmacy, the necessary medications will be promptly provided.

4. A Wide Range of Covered Ailments

Our Pharmacy First Service isn't limited to just a few conditions. We cover a broad spectrum of common diagnoses, including but not limited to acute peptic ulcer disease, malaria, acute sinusitis, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute otitis externa, acute otitis media, and acute diarrhea. Additionally, our program extends its coverage to musculoskeletal pain, bruises, minor lacerations, uncomplicated urinary tract infections, skin & soft tissue infections (viral, fungal, and bacterial), uncomplicated hypertension, and uncomplicated type 2 diabetes.

5. Accessing the Service is Effortless

Britam health insurance cover customers can seamlessly access the Pharmacy First Service from any of the four partnered pharmacies. All that's required is to present your Britam medical card, and you're ready to receive quality healthcare without the inconvenience of a hospital visit.

Experience healthcare on your terms with Britam's Pharmacy First Service- because your well-being is our priority.