Britam Foundation

Britam Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of marginalized peoples throughout Eastern Africa. Our foundation works tirelessly to impact the communities in which we work and live positively. Our proposal funding scheme is active and accepts proposals for development solutions.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: Our mission is to catalyze positive change in health, education, environment, and entrepreneurship. We aim to empower individuals, nurture communities, and inspire sustainable development for generations to come.

Vision: The Britam Foundation envisions a future with a thriving society where every individual has access to holistic health, quality education, sustainable environments, and boundless opportunities in entrepreneurship. We aspire to create lasting positive change and foster inclusive, resilient societies across the region.

Britam Portfolio

What do we fund?

The Britam Foundation will consider general types of sponsorship's that fall under the following categories:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
How it Works Britam